4 Coolest Men Haircuts You Can Always Try

From the lads in London to the men in Milan and New York, gentlemen must know their style. Although we have already sought a lot of inspiration from them, we should also draw inspiration when making hair grooming. Whether it's a flat undercut, a classic slick style or an innovative interpretation of the low fade,  barbers will definitely know what they are.

Here are four coolest haircuts to inspire your next trip to the barber.


1. Slicked Back

The classic slicked back is a hairstyle that gents have been rocking for years, and with good reason! Stylish, clean, and featuring a slight edge, this cut ticks all the boxes.

This will make it look different from the slicked back undercut, and ask barbers to keep the top as long as possible. Then, right out of the shower, apply some strong hold Pomade to your hair. Work it through evenly, and push your hair back with your fingers or a fine-toothed comb.

Bear in mind that whilst this style is easy to maintain and style in the morning, ideal for the modern man on the go, sadly it isn’t for everyone. Those with very curly hair will struggle to keep their hair in place. This type of hair will most likely revert to its normal style, but with an overkill product in it. It’s also not ideal for those with very fine hair, as it won’t carry the product well and can look more invisible than styled.

If you’re blessed with the perfect hair type for the pompadour, however, then the classic slicked back hairstyle might be the best place for you to start.


2. Low Fade (Quiff )

The low fade, along with high and mid fade haircuts, remains the most popular way for guys to cut the hair on their sides. Because low fades are versatile, they can be added to any men’s hairstyle – short, long, curly or straight. For instance, you can ask your barber for a short low skin fade all around the back and sides, thereby creating a high-contrast look with your long hair on top. Guys can even request a disconnected low razor fade or a cut that tapers their hair into their beard. 

As the fade focuses on the sides of your head, you’re free to choose any look you want up top. You can also select from a range of different fade cuts, including those that are low. Perfect for gents who like their hair to have a slight edge, these hairstyles are understated but utterly sleek. So, if you want a minimal look with maximum style, look no further than these top low fade haircuts for men.

3. Low Fade (Comb Over )

The comb over haircut is a style in which the hair is combed to one side and paired with a hard side part. It's similar to a classic side part, but its side swept look gives a different appearance. The comb over haircut is often paired with other styles, like an undercut, and styled to the wearer's liking.


4. Faux Hawk 

The faux hawk haircut, also known as the fohawk, is easily one of the coolest men's hairstyles in 2019. ... In particular, the faux hawk fade is a simple yet versatile hairstyle that not only looks stylish and modern, but allows you to try plenty of other styles.

From the French word meaning “false”, the “faux” in this cut’s name suggests that you’ll be imitating something – in this case, a mohawk. The faux hawk is a toned-down take on the easily recognizable mohawk, a cut in which both sides of the head are shaven clean, leaving just a strip of long hair along the center. The fohawk is characterized by this same distinctive strip of longer hair, but allows for you to leave some hair on the sides (the “hawk”), which isn’t as long as it would be in the traditional cut.