I often wonder, what is the purpose of hair?

Yes, apart from the evolutionary reasons…

What else does hair do outside of adding aesthetic value to a man's appearance?

To complicate things – without any outside help – hair would suffer a limp and dreary existence.

That's why a huge hair-care market and so many type hair styling products exists, to spice things up by creating art through defined styles. But how are we expected to choose from the myriad options of hair styling products?

Pomades, waxes, gels, clays, fibers, creams…. it’s enough to make us want to adopt a monkish attitude and shave it all off.

To make it easier for you – Here we are going to break down the ABC's of hair products for you.

There are two common terms you need to understand about hair products.

  • Any product labeled shine will reflect light and make your head look glossy. Anything labeled matte will make your hair absorb light and therefore – not shine.
  • Pay attention to the holding power of the products because that’s the main distinction between hair products. They are categorized as low, medium, or maximum-hold.


SouffleGroomingCo. we produced selective hair styling products that are natural and fit with today's better health concept, to deliver hair styling in a healthy and natural way. really he best value to men's hair.


Enriched with Sea Salt, the styling hair spray creates body and touchability with a matte finish, allowing you to add definition and shape to your hair. Use alone on wet or dry hair, or with a hair tin for a more defined look. Infused with natural oils and extracts to create a refreshing scent.



Lightweight & low shine, matte finish styling clay for adding touchable texture to restyle hair with casual look & feel. One of our best selling hair paste product for a reason, this paste adds lift to any hair type. For styles ranging from short and choppy, to loose and textured, and even large and voluminous.



For fans of classic laid back, or low fade head look with volume and texture up, our natural hair clay pomade has been never better, shine free and super strong hold product that provides texture and malleable all-day hold. Perfect for loosely defining longer hairstyles and shorter textured styles.



Hair can get dry and brittle, especially in the summer months during time spent outside, at the beach, or swimming in a chlorine laden pool. This oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and carotenes, which combine to deliver hydrating and nourishing properties to hair. A deeply nourishing formula that works to strengthen hair from root to tip.


Now, you know how to select the right hair products for creating your own hair styles and cares.